Being a Crafty Flibbertygibbert…

I am passionate about crafting.

Completely and utterly consumed by the need to make new things – much to the frustration of my loved ones who like to curl up quietly watching TV in the evening.

And there I am, surrounded by mountains of fabric, all piled up and ready to topple over on and unsuspecting cat or small person.

Scraps of wool and thread tangle up in a big, unruly nest around my feet, along with numerous snippets of fabric and the occasional fimo beak.

I am constantly covered in silver glitter, and so is any child who is brave enough to clamber over the looming fabric pile to give me a cuddle.

I am such a craft Flibbertygibbert that I like to flit from one thing to another – never making the same thing again…always moving onwards towards another thing, another fabric, another skill…I rarely make the same thing twice, let alone three times!

Which would be fine except that I am runing a craft business- and by very necessity I need to make the same thing time and again – albeit with a few quirky little difference each time – we are talking hand- made after all ;)

 Beatrice the felt fox

So, believing that I am in need of a *large* dose of self discipline, I have signed up for a craft fair at the end of March, and an Online Handmade Craft Fair at the start of March.


Little brown fox bodies will need to be cut out in bulk, and put together methodically….wish me luck!

making lots of felt foxes

Are you a craft Flibbertygibbert or are you super-discplined?

And if you have any tips on how to foster self-discipline, I would love to hear them!


Hello and welcome to my blog!! I’ll try to think of something witty to say about myself another day, but for now I am going to share a post a day for #artchain :D During the Summer, my lovely cousin got married and I wanted to give them something personal that they could keep forever as a reminder of their special day. they have been living together for a while anyway – so what use did they have for another dining plate or two? I decided to make a lampshade using a kit from needcraft, and appliqueing the picture onto the back ground fabric.

everything has been stuck down and some of the machine embroidery has been done here...

Everything has been stuck down and some of the machine embroidery has been done here…

sneaky peek

This pic shows a close-up of the details.

It took over  a week to complete, from my initial sketches through to completing the final lampshade, but I was really pleased with how it turned out – and so was the bride ( most importantly ;)  )

The Finished Lamp!

The Finished Lamp!